Prevention Strategies

In 2005, the Trust supported the initiation of the St Vincent’s Screening TO Prevent Heart Failure (STOP-HF) study based in St Michael’s Hospital in Dun Laoghaire. The STOP-HF programme has since become a major focus of cardiovascular prevention by the clinical and research teams at St Vincent’s. Our landmark study showed that in individuals over 40 years of age who have one cardiovascular risk factor, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, a simple blood test can predict not just heart failure but other cardiovascular diseases and allow focused care to be directed to these at risk individuals.


The Heartbeat Trust’s prevention initiative is based on using community-based diagnostics to broaden the amount of people who can benefit from our STOP-HF programme. It is also based on bringing the next generation of newer, more specific treatments to the at-risk population, as well as delivering care in the community using eHealth initiatives such Virtual Consultations between hospital and community care physicians.

The STOP-HF received international recognition and was published in JAMA, the most widely circulated medical in the world. To read the original manuscript click here.

To read more on our STOP-HF study please click here.