The Heartbeat Trust Launch Education Programme for Secondary Schools

The Heartbeat Trust are proud to announce the launch an education outreach programme aimed at secondary level students. The aim of the education sessions are to encourage teenagers to be proactive and take control of their lifestyle and make heart healthy choices which aid in the prevention of heart failure.

Heart failure is often seen as an ‘old age’ issue however it is becoming more prominent in Irish society. Heart failure can largely be avoided and with the correct aids can be significantly reduced. We all need to be heart aware and stay heart healthy!

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The Education Programme was launched with students from St Tiernan’s Community School, Balally on  April 26th 2017.  Dr. Mark Wilkinson and Ms. Sinead Hand (from The Heartbeat Trust) presented to the students on the Science of Heart Failure followed by an interactive session.

The students were extremely enthusiastic about the education session and The Heartbeat Trust were delighted with the positive feedback.

“We are very excited about the launch of the Heartbeat Trust Educational Programme which ties in nicely with the Trust’s motto of Predict, Protect, Prevent. With this new initiative we aim to educate the younger generation in ways they can be proactive about their own health. We are delighted to be able to engage with the students and encourage them to make healthier lifestyle choices.” Sinead Hand, Communications Officer and School Liaison Coordinator.

The outreach programme run by the Heartbeat Trust charity aims to inspire teenagers to live healthier lives and guide them in their health education. The talks are free of charge and available to secondary school students. If you are interested in having the team visit your school in the next academic year please contact

About The Heartbeat Trust

The Heartbeat Trust, is Ireland’s national heart failure charity, established in 2004 by Prof Ken McDonald and Dr Mark Ledwidge to support specialist clinical and research services in heart failure and heart failure prevention. Patient services are provided in St Michael’s and St Vincent’s Hospitals. St Michael’s Hospital, Dun Laoghaire  is also home to the STOP-HF initiative – which offers screening to prevent heart failure, a service aimed at prevention and early detection.

 STOPHF HEARTSSTOPHF Screening Initiative

The STOPHF screening initiative is where individuals (over 40 years of age who have one cardiovascular risk factor such as high blood pressure or diabetes) have a simple blood test which can predict those at risk of not just heart failure but other cardiovascular diseases, allowing more focused care to be directed to these at individuals.  The programme began in 2004 as a research project with the main aim of assessing if people with risk factors for heart failure could have their risk defined by the use of a blood test known as Natriuretic Peptide (NP). NP is a protein that is released from the heart when it is under stress or strain.

Special thank you to all the students and staff at St Tiernan’s Community School, Balally.

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