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The Heartbeat Trust are delighted to launch our new STOPHF website

The website is designed for STOPHF patients, health care professionals (HCPs) and anyone with an interest in the preventing not just heart failure but cardiovascular disease.

It is layered with multimedia content including our “Ask the Expert” video wall and photo gallery. The website features patient educational resources including our brand new STOPHF patient booklet, information on the STOPHF screening programme and a secure patient forum. On there is a wealth of information including tips and advice on exercise and physical fitness, healthy eating and lots, lots more.

“The clinical team at the Heartbeat Trust have worked closely with patients to develop this wonderful online resource. provides the most up to date information for patients, their families and healthcare professionals. We are extremely lucky to have secured a Health Research Board Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination award to support this work. This website together with our recent adoption into US guidelines means the STOPF and the Heartbeat Trust’s Predict, Protect, Prevent message can continue to spread.” Dr Ciara Keane, Director of Operations, the Heartbeat Trust.

The site will also act as a one stop shop for HCPs, loaded with info on STOPHF, such as how to get your clinic involved, CME case studies, info on types of blood tests available (NTproBNP & BNP), a secure forum and enabling registered users to log in directly to our Heart Failure Virtual Clinic meeting room.

“This new website will be an excellent resource for patients and healthcare professionals. Its straightforward and easy to use with lots of relevant information on how to stay heart healthy. We have designed the site to be accessible to older users and have an option to increase font size for visually impaired users. The site is visually pleasing and the use of content boxes makes for a better user experience.” Sinead Hand, Communications Officer with the Heartbeat Trust.


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We hope you enjoy discovering our new website.

Stay Heart Healthy and visit

Already, feedback from patients and HCPs has been extremely positive.


“May I congratulate you on a great piece of work. It is informative and easy to navigate. The information is available in easily absorbed and perused sections. I found the use of videos and links made it an interesting exploration and they will encourage me to return again to review the information. I have probably seen some of this advice before but it has certainly impacted more now and I look forward to putting some of it into effect – a small “road to Damascus” event?” – Tony Bergin

                “It ( is some achievement and the site looks great!” – Dr Patricia Campbell

“Looks great guys, very fresh!” – Croi Heart & Stroke Charity

                “Congrats The Heartbeat Trust on a great website! Packed with useful info!” – Tickerfit