How can I manage my heart failure symptoms?

There is a lot you can do to manage your symptoms. It is a good idea to track your symptoms to see if anything has changed.

  1. Each day, ask yourself the following questions:
  2. Has my weight gone up by 2kg (4lbs) over two days? (Remember to weigh yourself each morning when you get up.)
  3. Did I use any extra pillows or have any breathing difficulties last night?
  4. When I put on my socks and shoes this morning, were my ankles swollen?
  5. Am I looking forward to breakfast? Am I hungry?
  6. When I did my usual daily activities, was I more breathless than usual?
  7. Do I feel dizzy or have palpitations (palpitations is a feeling that your heart is beating too hard or is ‘fluttering’)? If yes, is it worse than normal?